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Gather your information

You will need:

  • your myIR logon details
  • your tax code
  • your bank account number
  • evidence from your lead maternity carer of your due date or the baby’s date of birth.

If you are a primary carer who takes permanent primary responsibility for a child under 6 years old, such as, an adoptive parent, home for life parent, whāngai, grandparent with permanent full-time care and others with permanent care arrangements you will need acceptable evidence such as:

  • court order or a certified copy of one
  • letter from Oranga Tamariki
  • completed Statutory declaration - IR880D.

Permanent primary responsibility does not include:

  • part time or temporary responsibility such as foster care or childcare arrangements
  • the spouse or partner of the expectant mother.

Complete your application

Log in to myIR to complete your PPL application.

  • If you have registered for PPL in the past, select 'Apply for Paid Parental Leave' from your Paid parental leave account.

If this is your first time applying for PPL, after you’ve logged in to myIR, select the ‘I want to…’ tab then ‘Register for Paid Parental Leave’.

We calculate your ‘ordinary weekly pay’ and ‘average weekly income’ and then use the higher of the 2 to get your estimated income. These amounts are calculated as follows.

  • Ordinary weekly pay
    Your last 4 weeks’, 2 fortnights’, or 1 month’s worth of earnings (depending on how often you’re paid) from your employer divided by 4.
  • Average weekly income
    Your highest 26 weeks' worth of income from the 52 weeks before the child’s expected due date or date of birth, or date the child came into your care, divided by 26.

However, multiple calculations are required to determine your income and we may not have all the necessary information to calculate this on behalf of a small number of applicants. You will be informed during your application if you are in this group, and given instructions about how you and/or your employer(s) can do the calculations yourself.

You'll be able to update the figure if you determine your income to be different than the prepopulated estimate.

You’ll have a chance to review all the information you’ve entered before you submit your PPL application.

Log in to myIR

What happens next

If you’re eligible for paid parental leave we’ll send you a notice of entitlement that tells you the:

  • amount of your regular fortnightly payments
  • dates when all your payments will be received.

Your first and last payments might be different to your regular fortnightly amounts. These will depend on the start date of your paid parental leave.

Last updated: 20 Jun 2023
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