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Ngā reta L me te tūnga D L letters and D status


L letters

If your client has not provided the information you need to complete their tax return, you can issue an L letter. This letter will remind your clients to provide information.

You can issue a reminder letter in myIR from the Tax preparer tab or through self-service.

The L letter is only available between 1 August and 14 February the following year

D status

If there is a reason you cannot file a return by 31 March, we’ll change your client’s status to deferred (D status). We can only change your client’s status if they have an L letter or a granted extension of time status.

We’ll delay asking for outstanding returns for clients with D status.

The D status can be requested in myIR from the Tax preparer tab between 1 August and 20 March the following year.

You will need to contact your account manager if you cannot file a return or delays are ongoing.