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Budget 2024 | The Government has confirmed changes and provided more information on FamilyBoost. Find out more: FamilyBoost

Budget 2024 | The Government has confirmed changes to personal income tax, the independent earner tax credit, in-work tax credit, and the minimum family tax credit. Find out more: Personal income tax threshold changes

We understand that there are times when the information in a return will need to be updated. There are a number of ways you can fix mistakes in a return.

Fixing mistakes in my return

In some cases you may not be able to amend a return in myIR. In these cases, send us a message in myIR with the following information so we can make the change:

  • the IRD number of the person the return is for
  • the tax type, period and years
  • the amount of tax involved
  • a description of the change you're asking for – include the question number and name that needs updating (for example, Question 28 Other expenses)
  • why the change is needed, how the mistake happened and how you found it
  • any relevant documents, records or information supporting the request
  • if needed, details of any wrong advice we gave you.

Our Standard Practice Statement SPS 20/03 has more information about requests to amend assessments.

SPS 20/03 Requests to amend assessments