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As part of our new gateway services, we have now made available the ‘IR1215 Income tax return and disclosure – as agent’ form. You might be able to access this form through your software (if your software provider has chosen to integrate with this form).

What is the IR1215?

This form mirrors the ‘as-agent’ returns that can be completed in myIR. We encourage as-agents to complete and file the IR1215 going forward.

Who needs to use this form

If you pay a premium (including a reinsurance premium) to a non-resident insurer, you are considered to be the insurer’s agent and must complete this form.

You do not have to account for premiums paid to insurers in Switzerland as they are not subject to tax in New Zealand.

Using the IR1215

Please contact your software provider to find out if they’ve built this form into their software.

If they have, you’ll need to:

  • apply for a separate ‘as-agent’ IRD number to account for tax on this income (if you do not have one already)
  • file the IR1215 under your ‘as-agent’ IRD number
  • declare the premiums paid and calculate the tax this income.

If they have not, you can continue to complete the form in myIR.

To complete the IR1215 in myIR:

  1. Go to 'Returns and transactions' on your customer’s Income tax account.
  2. Select ‘File return’.
  3. Follow the 4 return steps to file (About, Liabilities, Switzerland disclosures, and Tax calculation review).
  4. Confirm and submit.