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We recently made some changes to the IR833 Bright-line residential property sale information return attachment. This form will show in a client's return if we think your client has a bright-line sale and will now pre-populate property information including title number, address, date of purchase and date of sale if you file in myIR or the income tax return gateway service in your software.

You can still manually add this form in myIR/software if your client has a property sale that needs to be declared – you will just need to add the relevant property information manually.

You can now see a table of property sales in myIR for the sales we notify you about. You can advise us anytime during the year if the property is excluded from the bright-line rule. Read more information on the exclusions.

Exclusions to the bright-line rule

Alternatively, you can continue to advise us with end of year filing by removing the pre-populated IR833 record from the return.

The table of property sales can be found on your client’s Income tax account panel under:

  • More…
  • My income section
  • Manage bright-line property sales.

We will continue to notify you when we believe a client has a sale that meets the bright-line rule, and the bright-line letter will redirect to tax agents where appropriate. On receiving this letter, you or your client can let us know in myIR if the sale doesn’t fall within the bright-line rule, and we will update our records.

Last updated: 28 Apr 2022
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