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Penalty and interest remission

We are receiving penalty and interest remission requests for income tax returns in which Wage Subsidy figures have been reported incorrectly and returns have been amended.

These requests do not meet the criteria for remission. Customers are responsible for ensuring their return shows the correct income.

Check the figures are correct

If you are a tax agent, it is important to double-check with your clients that the Wage Subsidy, Leave Support Scheme and Short-Term Absence Payment amounts entered in the income summary and prepopulated into clients’ returns are correct.

Please continue to check with your clients for the 2023 tax year. We make every attempt to upload amounts to the income profile correctly so the subsidies are visible to agents. However, if there have been data issues or if incorrect applications have been submitted, we cannot guarantee the amounts reported are absolutely correct.

Please refer to our Tax Intermediaries update 4 April 2022 outlining expectations for the 2022 year.

Last updated: 30 May 2023
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