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Now is a good time for you and your clients to address overdue GST. 

Over the past few years the level of overdue GST returns and payments has steadily grown. During this time the majority of our effort has been spent on supporting business through COVID-19, and more recently adverse events.

As we transition back into  more regular activity, we will be focused on ensuring customers meet their GST and other business obligations. 

If you or your client needs help to get back on track, please contact us. There are a range of options we can use, depending on individual circumstances. 

Encouraging those clients who you know are struggling to contact us directly or through your agency means we can avoid taking firmer action. 

If your clients do not proactively work with us, their financial situation may worsen and our ability to help them get back on track will become more limited.

We know economic times for many are still very challenging and we would appreciate your help in sharing this message. 

There is further information on our website.

I'm struggling to file and pay my tax

Last updated: 10 Jul 2023
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