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If you receive an Income tax – more information request notice, you (or your client) must finalise it in myIR by the due date.

The date to finalise the more information request notice is:

  • 31 March if the client has an extension of time
  • 45 days after the date of issue if there is no extension of time (the date will be in the letter).

For those not finalised or where there is no additional information provided, an income tax assessment will be issued based on the information we hold.

If a client’s mail is being redirected for income tax, this letter will be sent to you. Otherwise, it will go directly to your client.

Steps to finalise the assessment

Identify clients yet to have their ‘more info request notice’ finalised. You can get this information by exporting your client list report and filtering the ‘Individual filing group’ column to show ‘auto issued – more info’.

Look at each individual client in their income tax account in myIR – if this has been finalised you will see 'on time processed' otherwise it will show 'request to complete'.

Confirm with your client their income sources for the 2019-20 income year and finalise the assessment. This might include calculating expenses for clients receiving schedular income.

Once submitted the assessment will update to your client’s income tax account and an income tax assessment notice will issue.

If your client has been sent a ‘more information request’ please do not electronically file an IR3 return through E-File or file a paper return as these will be treated as a duplicate return and slow down processing. It can take up to 10 weeks to process. Editing the assessment in myIR is the quickest way to finalise your client’s assessment.

We're working closely with software providers to ensure that the new income tax return filing service will allow you to amend or finalise these assessments through your software.

Remember to check your client's bank account details are up to date so any credits can be refunded directly to their account.

For more help

Our Income tax assessments for individual clients of tax agent’s webinar can help you through the process of reviewing and finalising assessments.

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