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This cookie policy forms part of our Privacy Policy. By using our websites, you also agree to be bound by our Conditions of use.

Privacy policy

Conditions of use

When you start using the website, the website sends information to the browser, which then creates the text file otherwise known as a cookie. It is used to help users navigate websites efficiently and do certain things like identify when you visit a new website.

You can find out more about cookies at:

All about cookies

How we use cookies

Our websites and online services use analytics tools. These tools help us work out how customers use our sites. They use cookies to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information in an anonymous form. Cookies also ensure that while you use our websites, there is always a secure connection between your browser and our servers.

We use cookies on our websites and online services in several ways:

  1. Some cookies remember the information you have entered, so we can show you relevant content based on your site preferences.
  2. Some cookies help us collect statistics and other analytical information, so we can improve and manage the site.
  3. Some cookies make the website function properly for you — for example, they remember your preferences.
  4. Some cookies allow our ads to be seen on websites across the internet based on your past visits to a particular website. These cookies help us measure how effective our websites are and how well our online marketing campaigns perform.
  5. Some cookies may be used to personalise your experience on our website.

Some of our online services use cookies

Some of our online services such as myIR also use cookies to identify your login session during the time that you are using the service.

Our cookies are stored temporarily and expire:

  1. as soon as you log out
  2. within 15 minutes of inactivity.

We use myIR cookies to keep your information secure, as such you will not be able to open more than one tab or window when you are using myIR.

We also share cookies between our websites and online services, so we can then anonymously track the end to end customer journey between our services to help improve our sites. These cookies do not contain any personal information.  

Changing the settings of your cookies

In most circumstances, you can adjust the settings on your browser to notify you when you are offered a cookie, so you can decide whether to accept it. If you disable or block cookies, then you will not be able to log on to secure services such as myIR. Instead:

  1. an error will be presented if you attempt to log on with cookies disabled
  2. you must enable cookies on your browser to access your myIR information
  3. cookies are required to ensure that we maintain a secure session between your browser and our servers
  4. other parts of our websites may not work properly.

If your browser does not support cookies, it may be due to the following.

  1. Cookies may be disabled or restricted in your browser. Check the cookies settings in your browser.
  2. You may be able to enable cookies for our website. You may have an old browser version or a browser that does not support cookies. (Most modern browsers support cookies.)
  3. If you're using a software firewall, it may restrict cookies. Check the cookies settings for your firewall. You may be able to enable cookies for our website.
  4. Some corporate firewalls may block cookies for security reasons. You may need to contact your system administrator if this is the case.

Analytics and other third-party technologies

We may use a third-party provider for our services. This means the cookies are placed on your device not by our websites, but by a third party.

Last updated: 24 Jun 2021
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