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Some of our online services use cookies

We use cookies to confirm your log in identity when you use myIR. This means you do not need to log in each time you use a different service or tool during the same session.

Our cookies are stored temporarily

Our cookies do not hold any personal information, and expire as soon as you:

  • log out of myIR
  • are inactive for 15 minutes.

Third party providers and your personal information

We may use a third party provider for our services. This means your personal information will be stored by them.

Disabled cookies or browsers that do not support them

There's a known issue if you've disabled cookies or your browser does not support them. These happen when:

  • logging in
  • cookies are disabled or not supported (you'll need to log in again when you move between services in myIR).

Why your browser may not support cookies

  • Cookies may be disabled or restricted in your browser. Check the cookies settings in your browser. You may be able to enable cookies for our website.
  • You may have an old browser version or a browser that does not support cookies. (Most modern browsers support cookies.)
  • If you're using a software firewall, it may restrict cookies. Check the cookies settings for your firewall. You may be able to enable cookies for our website.
  • Some corporate firewalls may block cookies for security reasons. You may need to contact your system administrator if this is the case.