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Our website has information and interactive services like calculators and returns, so you can learn about, understand and easily manage your obligations and entitlements.

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Get it done online

"Get it done online" is where to go when you want to complete a form and send it to us online, make a payment, look at your account information, use our "Secure mail" service, file an employer schedule or register for some of our services. It is also the place where you can make an appointment to see us, give feedback or make a complaint. You can find the service you need by keyword, activity or by the name of the service. Once you find the service you want, the "Full description >" link will tell you when to use the service, how to complete the online form and what to do when you have finished. If you get stuck, or need help filling in a form, many of our services provide links to help and detailed explanations of some questions.

Work it out

This is where you will find all the calculators, worksheets and other tools you may need to work out if you need to fill out a return, make a payment or estimate any assistance benefits you may be entitled to. You can also download tables of data you may need such as the PAYE deduction tables. You can find out about the different tax rates as well work out your personal or business filing and payment dates. These tools, including our online calculators, are for your use only and no information is sent to us for processing.

Forms and guides

In the "Forms and guides" area of the site you will find all of the forms and guides that we publish in paper format. These documents are downloadable and many of them can be filled out on-screen before printing and posting to us. You can find the form or guide you need by keyword, document title or number (for example, IR330). If you want to know how to fill out a form, what you need to complete it and what to do when you finish then click on the "Full description >" link.

Getting to know the features of our site

Use the visual site guide below to familiarise yourself with main features of the site. This should help you find the information and services you are looking for.

Homepage site design

1 Navigation for information about Inland Revenue.
2 Navigation for main site content, organised by customer group.
3 Information on current topics you may need to know about, and useful hints and tips on using our website.
4 "News and updates" tells you about new products and changes to taxes and social assistance.
5 "Calendars and important dates" highlights key dates coming up and includes tax year calendars.
6 Search area provides different options for site searches.
7 "myIR Secure Online Services" is where you can login or register to use ir-File, look at account information and secure mail.
8 Pay tax, child support, student loan or KiwiSaver payments to Inland Revenue.
9 International tax information, public consultations on draft documents and technical tax information such as public or product rulings and interpretation statements.
10 "Get it done online" links to returns and other services that you can complete online.
11 "Work it out" links to calculators and worksheets that you can use online or download.
12 "Forms and guides" links to documents you can download, including returns, flyers and detailed guides.
13 "Contact us" gives you different ways to contact us.
14 Navigation for information on common topics.

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