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Any person affected by a decision or who receives an notice of assessment may object to it.

Gather your information

Before you object to a decision, you'll need your:

  • IRD number
  • postal address
  • contact details.

You'll also need to give us:

  • the date on the letter or notice from us that you are objecting to
  • the reasons or grounds for objecting, selecting them from a list in the form
  • any evidence to support your objection.

Download and fill in the form

If your objection is late, tell us why on the form. Make sure to save your details.

Call us or email us under 'Other ways to do this' if the reason for your objection is not on the form.

Send the form to us in myIR

Send your completed form to us in myIR.

Make sure you let us know the message is for child support. Attach your completed IR119 form and any supporting documents to the message.

You do not need to sign the form when sending it to us in myIR.

How to send a message in myIR

What happens next

We need to receive the objection within 28 days from the date of the decision or assessment. If you already pay child support, you must continue paying until you hear from us.

After we get your objection, we'll review the reasons you've given on your form. We'll then contact you with our decision and any further options you may have.

My responsibilities

As a child support customer you must always:

  • tell us about changes
  • check your information
  • tell us if something is wrong.

Changes to my child support details

Check you've included your correct information and any documents we need. Sign the form and send your documents to us at:

Child Support
PO Box 39010
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045

Child support - contact us