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Use our calculator to find the total nights per year and percentage of nights per year a child or children are in the care of parents or non-parent carers.

Gather your information

For you and any other carers, you'll need to know the nights each person usually cares for the child or children.

You'll be able to select your nights of care during the week and if this happens every:

  • week
  • 2nd week
  • 3rd week
  • 4th week.

You'll need to know the start date for this pattern of care.

Use the calculator

If the care arrangement is different for each child, you'll need to do separate calculations.

Click 'Show nights' before adding another carer's information.

5 minutes
Child support nights per year calculator

Work out how many nights per year a child is in your care.

Go to this tool

Find out the nights per year for each carer

Once you've entered the information for each carer, click 'Calculate'. For each carer, you'll see their:

  • total nights per year
  • percentage of nights per year.

What happens next

You'll need this information if you're:

  • applying for a formula assessment
  • working out how much child support you might pay or receive.

Apply for a formula assessment

Work out how much child support I'll pay or receive