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A pre-revenue business or organisation is one that has taken active steps to get market-ready, but has not begun trading yet. 

They may have been eligible for the CSP if both of the following applied. 

  • They had had a minimum 40% drop in their ability to raise capital over a 7-day affected revenue period (7 consecutive days) because of one or more COVID-19 circumstances
  • They met the other CSP eligibility criteria. 

Capital raising includes external funding raised by these businesses or organisation to get market-ready. External funding includes: 

  • debt funding (for example, bank funding and debt funding from external investors) 
  • equity funding 
  • grant funding 
  • fit-out contributions (for example, a landlord may contribute to assist in getting an applicant's business market ready). 

Capital raising does not include: 

  • funding a self-employed person provides to their own sole trader business 
  • funding a shareholder (or other associated person) in a close company provides to that company. This point also applies to funding associated persons provide to other types of closely held businesses or organisations 
  • COVID-19 related government assistance payments (for example, the Small Business Cashflow Scheme loan). 

Pre-revenue businesses or organisations need to keep records of how their ability to raise capital was impacted by one or more COVID-19 circumstance. 

Last updated: 25 Feb 2022
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