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Discover our services

We provide technical documentation that you can access any time.

For our gateway services, we provide software development kits in our GitHub documentation. Each service's technical documentation includes sample message request and responses, build packs, mock scenarios and test data.

Gateway services software development kits (SDKs) in GitHub

For our myIR file upload services, we provide technical specification documents.

myIR file upload specifications in our services catalogue

Integrate with our services

When you're ready to start integrating, register and use our developer portal.

About the developer portal

Follow these steps when you're ready to start integrating.

Register for the developer portal

We need your organisation's details so we can grant you access to our restricted services and can provide support for your requests.

You'll need to:

  • provide details of your organisation as a digital service provider
  • create a login for the nominated person who is the primary point of contact
  • create a password and accept the conditions of use.

Register for the developer portal

Once you register your organisation, you'll use this portal to complete the following steps to assist your development and deployment.

Start a service integration

You'll need to provide project details including:

  • what your software service provides to customers
  • your estimated timelines for build, testing and deployment
  • the contact details of key team members on the integration project.

For gateway service integrations

If you want access to our mock services (sandbox), we need the IP address(es) of your development machine(s) so we can whitelist them. We assess these and confirm your access within 2 working days.

For myIR file upload testing

We provide access to our Test a file services as soon as you submit an access request.

The following 2 steps are only required for gateway services integrations.

Access test environment

When you're ready to perform formal testing, you'll need to:

  • give us details of the test scenarios you'll be using for the services you've selected
  • provide credential information so we can give you access to the test environment. 

We'll provide the test data, access information and confirm when the credentials are active.

Deploy to production

When you're ready to move to production, you'll need to:

  • give us the results of your test scenarios
  • provide credential information so we can give you access to the production environment.

A representative of your organisation will also need to agree to our terms and conditions for production use of the service.

What happens next

If you need help, email us at [email protected].

Access and use of Inland Revenue services are governed by our conditions of use.

Conditions of use