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To file through our gateway services, an organisation’s authorised representatives must have a myIR login and access rights.

The authorised representative's myIR logon must:

  • be enrolled or have delegated access to the relevant tax account
  • have ‘file’ or ‘full account access' permissions to the relevant tax account.

After setting up the myIR logon, it can be used through gateway services to:

  • request an authorisation code
  • redeem the authorisation code for an OAuth access token.

If an authorised representative leaves the organisation, to continue accessing gateway services the organisation must:

  • revoke the departing representative’s myIR logon delegated access
  • delegate organisational access to another representative’s myIR logon.

The newly assigned authorised representative must request a new authorisation code through gateway services, and then redeem the code for an OAuth access token.

If a third-party organisation acting on behalf of a client organisation uses gateway services, their authorised myIR logon must:

  • have the client organisation linked on a client list in myIR
  • have delegated access for the tax account
  • have ‘file’ or ’full account access’ account permissions to the relevant tax account.

Manage access tokens for gateway services 

Supporting information

Identity and access service

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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