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Application to be listed as a tax agent or update a tax agent's details IR791

(published April 2018)

About this form

Use this form to become a tax agent. If a tax agent is an entity (not a natural person), each of the tax agent's key office holders will need to complete a separate Statutory declaration of a key office holder in support of an application to be a listed tax agent (IR768) form. New key office holders who want individual client listings will need to complete a separate IR791 form. You can also use this form to update a tax agent's details.

PDF | 127kb | 6 pages

This form can be completed on-screen by typing content directly into the PDF document. Once you have completed the form it is important that you print it out as you will not be able to save the information you enter into the form.

When to use this form

Note: If you are ceasing to be a tax agent, contact your account manager. You don't need to complete this form.

Use this form if you wish to:

  • become a listed tax agent (individual)
  • become a listed tax agent (entity)
  • be listed as a tax agent who is a representative of an existing tax agent entity, or
  • change details of a tax agent.

A person is eligible to be a tax agent if the person prepares the annual returns of income required to be furnished for ten or more taxpayers and is one of the following:

  • a practitioner carrying on a professional public practice
  • a person carrying on a business or occupation in which returns of income are prepared, or
  • the Māori trustee.

An entity that is not a natural person, e.g.,a partnership or company is also eligible to be listed as a tax agent, but each of the entity's key office holders will need to complete a separate IR768 form.

What you will need
  • your IRD number, and
  • IRD number of tax agent or entity
After you finish

When you register as a tax agent or entity we'll allocate you a PIN to use our tax agents' self-service line.

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