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Feedback about online forms, returns and calculators

We have redeveloped these online products to fit in with our new website and to make them easier for you to use. These are the first online forms, returns and calculators to be redeveloped and within the near future more will be joining them. Eventually all of our online products will be displayed in the new format.

Because their improvement will be gradual and continuous, we would appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to develop products that best meet your needs.

If you wish to provide feedback, please email us at Remember to include

  • The name of the product (eg PAYE calculator 2006)
  • The time and the date that you used it
  • The type of web browser you are using (eg Internet Explorer 6)
  • Your operating system (eg Windows XP)
  • Whether or not you would like a reply

You will receive a confirmation that we received your email within 1 working day.

Thank you for your help!