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Use this tool when you have a shareholding in an Australian company, listed on the ASX, to check if it is exempt from the foreign investment fund (FIF) rules.

If it is, then the FIF rules will not apply to the shareholding, and it will be taxed under the same rules as apply to New Zealand shares. For an individual, this means that dividends will be taxed on a cash basis and capital gains will be taxable if the shares are held on revenue account.

Before you start

In order to use this tool you will need:

  • The ASX ticker code for the company you’re checking.
  • The financial year for which you want information.

This tool is based on a standard 31 March balance date. You should not rely on this tool if you have a non-standard balance date.

Some companies have more than one ticker because they have more than one equity or debt security. Each such listed security has its own ticker. Additionally, some companies change their ticker during the year. Companies may also change their name.

Check you have the right ASX ticker code

You can find the code on the ASX website:

ASX Company directory

Find out if an exemption applies

Work your way through our tool to see if your Australian shares are exempt from the foreign investment fund (FIF) rules.

2 minutes
FIF Australian share exemption tool

Check if your shares in Australian companies are exempt from the foreign investment fund (FIF) rules.

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Last updated: 18 May 2022
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