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You may have eligible expenses you can claim against your income. You can claim:

  • the cost for someone to complete and file your income tax return. For example, any amount paid to an accountant or tax agent
  • commission on interest or dividend income (but not your bank fees)
  • interest you paid us if you were late paying your tax
  • interest on money you borrowed to invest – if the investment will produce taxable income
  • premiums on loss of earnings insurance – if the benefit from the policy is taxable income.

In myIR, select 'Returns and transactions' in your income tax account

Select 'File return'

Complete the steps and answer the questions.

In the income tax return you will see a step 'Build your return'.

At 'Build your return', make sure you have 'You are claiming other expenses against your income' showing under 'Information below Inland Revenue holds for the period 01 April xx to 31 March xx'.

If you have 'You are claiming other expenses against your income' showing, you can continue through to complete your return.

If 'You are claiming other expenses against your income' is not displayed you must add it, then you can add these expenses to your return.

Complete Income Tax Return

As you go through the steps, (Deductions) you will see 'other expenses'. Enter the amount of your total expenses along with the details.

Continue through the steps to finalise your income tax assessment. Review the details and 'Submit'.

You will receive confirmation the return has been sent to us.

Log in to myIR

What happens next

We'll send you an income tax assessment. This shows if you:

  • are due a refund
  • have tax to pay
  • have paid the right amount of tax during the year.

My responsibilities

You may be asked to provide more information on the expenses you add to your income tax assessment.

Make sure we have your correct contact, bank account and income information.

Manage your investment income allocation from joint accounts. If you have supplied your investment income provider with your IRD number, you can do this in myIR.

You can update these any time during the tax year. The easiest way is in myIR.

Last updated: 02 Aug 2021
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