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Work out your provisional tax

Use either of these methods to calculate:

Only use the second option if you have not filed last year's return yet.

Work out your provisional tax instalments

Divide your residual income tax by 3.

Most people will have a standard balance date of 31 March.

If you have a standard balance date, your 3 equal instalments will be due on 28 August, 15 January and 7 May.

If you're a 6-monthly GST filer, divide your residual income tax by 2. You'll pay 2 equal instalments when your GST returns are due.

If you have a balance date other than 31 March, use our tax due date calculator to work out when your instalments will be due.

Make payment

Pay your instalments in full by the due dates. If the payments are late, you may get penalties and interest.

Make a payment
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