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If any details are wrong or have changed for connected persons of a New Zealand foreign trust, you, the contact trustee, will need to update them.

Changes to contact trustees or their contact details must be provided within 30 days of the trustee becoming aware of it. 

Change the contact trustee of a New Zealand foreign trust 

Changes to other information, regardless of whether it was given on registration or in an annual return, would have to be provided in the next annual return at the latest. 

Before you start

You'll need the connected person's:

  • role
  • taxpayer identification number
  • contact details
  • end date, if they were removed from the trust.

You'll also need all documents that support updating the connected person's details.

Update connected person details in myIR

From the homepage in your myIR account, select:

  • 'Manage connected persons' on your New Zealand foreign trust account
  • 'View' next to the connected person whose details you want to update
  • 'Modify the connected person details' under the 'I want to...' section.

Update the person's details

Tell us the person's tax status

If there are any changes, you'll need to tell us the connected person's:

  • jurisdiction of tax residence
  • IRD number, if applicable
  • taxpayer identification number in the other country or territory.

If a person does not have a taxpayer identification number, you must tell us the reason. For example, the:

  • jurisdiction does not issue taxpayer identification numbers
  • person is not required to have one in their jurisdiction of tax residence.

Update their contact details

If there are any changes, let us know the connected person's:

  • email address
  • phone number, including the country code
  • postal address.

Tell us their end date, if applicable

If the connected person was removed from the trust, put the end date into the 'additional details' box.

If any other information needs to be updated that was not covered in the previous pages, please include it here too.

Upload supporting documents

You'll need to attach all documents that amend or supplement the trust deed - for example, deeds appointing and removing trustees.

Review and submit

Make sure you have the right details for the connected person you're changing. If you need to make changes, select the section you need to fix.

Log in to myIR

If you want to use a paper form to update the details of connected persons, fill in and send us a New Zealand foreign trust connected person schedule - IR607A form.

What happens next

You'll get a confirmation number and be able to see your request under 'Search submissions' after selecting 'More' in your New Zealand foreign trust account.

We'll aim to add these updates to the connected person's details within 3 working days. We'll contact you if we need more information.

Last updated: 15 Apr 2024
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