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International tax for business

Information for businesses operating across New Zealand borders.

Guidance and governance

Find out more about anti-bribery laws and guidance on corporate tax governance.

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International obligations

Find out more about country-by-country reporting, mutual agreement procedure and the exchange of cross-border rulings and unilateral APAs.

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What is my company's tax residency?

Find out what your company's tax residency status is in New Zealand.

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Australia and New Zealand

Find out what you need to know about business between Australia and New Zealand.

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Special tax regimes and agreements

Find out more about special tax regimes and agreements

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Non-resident contractors and entertainers

Read what you need to know if you are a non-resident contractor and entertainer.

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Transfer pricing

Find out more about transfer pricing.

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Industries and events

Find out more about the tax rules relating to certain industries and events.

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Non-resident businesses and GST

Find out if you qualify as a non-resident business and if you can register for GST in New Zealand and claim back GST paid.

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International tax questionnaire

Find out how we are facilitating compliance for multinationals in New Zealand..

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