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KiwiSaver for employers
Poua he oranga mō ngā kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi

Role of employers

As an employer, you will play an important role in helping your employees to save with KiwiSaver. We have designed KiwiSaver to use your existing payroll process, and minimise any extra work for you.

Your main roles in KiwiSaver are to:

  • check whether new employees are eligible to join KiwiSaver
  • check whether new employees should be automatically enrolled
  • give the Your introduction to KiwiSaver - employee information (KS3) to:
    • new employees who qualify for automatic enrolment, and
    • existing employees who want to opt in
  • automatically enrol all new employees who are eligible
  • provide information to us about:
    • all new employees who are automatically enrolled, and
    • eligible employees who have opted in to KiwiSaver
  • provide new employees with a written statement if you have an employer-chosen scheme, and also that scheme's investment statement
  • deduct KiwiSaver contributions and make compulsory employer contributions at the correct rate and forward them to us by the due date along with your PAYE payments
  • act on opt-out and contributions holiday requests
  • stop or start deductions when we advise you to
  • contact us when you require more Your introduction to KiwiSaver - employee information (KS3) factsheets.

Find out more about your KiwiSaver obligations.

You can also download our Meeting your employer obligations for KiwiSaver (KS45) checklist.

You don't need to promote KiwiSaver to your employees, but if you want to be more involved in encouraging retirement saving among your employees you can:

You can also continue to offer your existing superannuation scheme to your staff.