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  Opt a new employee out of KiwiSaver

Employees you’ve enrolled into KiwiSaver can ask you to opt them out. Employees who’ve chosen to opt into KiwiSaver cannot opt out.

Employees who choose to opt into KiwiSaver

Employee gives you their opt out request

You'll have given your employee their KS10 already. It’s in their KiwiSaver enrolment pack.


Check their request is within the opt out period

New employees automatically enrolled by you can opt out of KiwiSaver. But only between 2-8 weeks of them starting work (on or after day 14 and on or before day 56).

After this it's a late opt-out. It’s a request we approve, but only in some situations. 

They need to post their late opt out request to us, or apply online.

Employees who opt out late from KiwiSaver

Starting employees in KiwiSaver

Stop deductions, CEC, and ESCT payments

If your employee gives you their opt out request within 14-56 days, you can straight away stop:

  • deducting KiwiSaver contributions from their pay
  • paying compulsory employer contributions (CEC)
  • employer superannuation contribution tax (ESCT) payments.

Make a copy of the KS10 for your records

Send a copy of the KS10 to us

If you're an employer who does:

  • paper filing, post your copy with your next Employer schedule (IR348)
  • payday filing, file your KS10 along with your usual payday file.

What happens next

We’ll refund to:

  • you any CEC you have sent to us
  • your employee the KiwiSaver deductions you have told us about.

KiwiSaver deductions you have not included in your return can be refunded directly to your employee.

You’ll need to apply for a refund of any employer superannuation contribution tax (ESCT) you’ve paid to us.