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Manage your tax and entitlements online with myIR secure online services. Creating a myIR account is a simple three step process:

  1. Confirm which myIR account is right for you.
  2. Create your myIR account.
  3. Activate your myIR account. 

Create a personal myIR account using your IRD number

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You cannot create a myIR account for another person, even if that person nominates you to act on their behalf or you are their spouse or partner.

A nominated person or spouse/partner cannot access or maintain a myIR account on someone else's behalf.


Create a myIR account for your  business, using your business's IRD number

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Employees are not eligible to create a myIR account on behalf of their employer. The employer can create an account and then delegate authority to complete regular tasks.


Executive office holder (EOH) creating an account on behalf of their employer or organisation

Create a myIR account for a Company, Trust or Partnership

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Directors of Companies, Trustees of Trust and Partners of Partnership are able to appoint anyone to be an EOH, for example a payroll or office manager.

Find out about appointing an executive office holder to act on your behalf.

Create a myIR account for a Club, Society or School

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To create a myIR account for your school, club or society you must be the executive office holder (EOH).

Only those who hold an official EOH position or a leadership type executive role can be set up as an EOH, for example a principal, treasurer or president.


Activating your myIR account

Once you've completed the registration process you'll be prompted to activate the account. You can do this by entering the text activation code or by phoning us on 0800 227 770 (+64 4 890 2120).

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Once you have completed your registration you can log in to your myIR account and manage all your IRD matters online, including changing your address or bank account details, working out your income tax filing options and checking out your KiwiSaver account.

Calculating ACC invoices

Did you know that ACC uses information from your tax return to calculate your ACC invoice?

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