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Getting it right

Tackling tax evasion and fraud

We know most businesses do the right thing, but we also know there are those that don’t. We are aware of and actively seeking out and prosecuting those who aren't paying their fair share.

Don’t risk it, check the information below so we can help you put right past mistakes.

Employing staff - meeting your obligations

As an employer you must make deductions from your employee's pay and pass them on to us.  Deductions include PAYE, KiwiSaver, student loan and child support.

If you don’t properly deduct or pay employees’ PAYE or other deductions, you can be charged non-payment penalties, late payment penalties and interest. 

Deductions from salary and wages

Late payment penalties

Sales and income - are you telling us everything?

While most people try to do the right thing, some don’t tell us about all the income they're earning. It's fine to receive cash payments, as long as you record the sale and declare it as income earned in your GST and income tax returns.

Got it wrong in the past? Do the right thing now and make a voluntary disclosure. Voluntary disclosures can help lower shortfall penalties.

Make a voluntary disclosure

Lowering your shortfall penalty

File a Companies income tax return – IR4

File a Partnerships and look-through companies income tax return – IR7

Record keeping - are your business records right?

As the business owner, you are accountable for understanding your record-keeping obligations, even if you have someone else managing this for you (like a tax agent).

Expenses - don't risk over-claiming

Businesses get taxed on their income minus any business expenses and other claimable deductions. You need to keep records of your expenses and income.

GST - is your turnover $60,000 or more a year?

If you’re self-employed or running a business, once you earn over $60,000 a year you need to charge 15% GST on your sales and income and pay it to us.

Have you told us about your cryptoassets?

If you transfer, store or trade cryptoassets (for example digital tokens, currencies or assets) these may need to be included in your tax return.

Tax evasion and fraud - know someone who isn’t paying their fair share? 

You can help us make sure everyone pays their fair share by telling us about those who don’t. If you know someone who isn’t telling us about their work, or paying less tax than they should, you know someone who isn’t doing their part.

Let us know anonymously.

Report tax evasion or fraud anonymously - IR873

Tell us about tax evasion or fraud

Last updated: 13 Jun 2024
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