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Associated persons rules
People associated with developers, buyers and sellers

If you are associated to a dealer, developer or builder or in the building business, for example you're a shareholder of a development company - the specific rules covering buying and selling property in those situations may apply to you.

Associated person rules mean you may have to pay tax on all or some of your property transactions, even if you are not personally a property dealer, developer or builder.

Transactions include tax on the sale of property if you had an association with:

  • a property dealer when the property was bought
  • a property developer when the property was bought
  • a builder, or in the building business when significant improvements started on a property.

If you are not sure if you or someone you are thinking of doing business with is an associated person for tax purposes, speak with a tax professional.

What you need to know when you buy and sell

For more information and examples read our guide Tax and your property transactions - IR361. Property transactions questions and answers are also available in different language versions.

Last updated: 11 Jun 2021
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