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The purpose of the account management service is not to complete tasks normally available to the agent online, or via other means for example updating client accounts or providing information that is already available on the IR website. Such requests should be directed to the appropriate channels in the first instance (e.g. myIR or IR website content).

If a query is not answered, or is unnecessarily delayed and is outside the current processing time frames, the account manager may assist the tax agent by liaising with the appropriate area of IR to facilitate resolution.

Processing timeframes


  • A disbursement which is outside the current processing time frame and the tax agent has already contacted Inland Revenue to follow up, but this has not progressed, would be considered an exceptional issue.
  • Self-service tools are not working
    • A system issue identified by a tax agent e.g. no myIR access to ceased/deceased clients, is an exceptional issue and should be lodged by the Account Manager in the support portal.
    • myIR is not working due to an already identified system issue, any queries should be made through the normal channels in the first instance.
    • Tax agent unable to file GST return on due date because of an unknown system issue, should be lodged in the support portal by the Account Manager, with expectation of immediate escalation
      Note: as each issue is lodged in the support portal, it is evaluated and prioritised depending on the number of impacted customers, and the urgency/timing required for resolution.
  • A tax technical question where the tax agent was asked to write in is not an exceptional issue; submitting the query (e.g. via web message) is the correct process that should be followed. If this is not resolved appropriately the Account Manager can facilitate escalation/resolution.

Unresolved or unsatisfactory handling of issues

If an issue has not been resolved to a tax agent’s satisfaction or they are not receiving the appropriate level of service from an Account Manager, they can report their concerns.

As people and roles change over time, the best way to report any concerns is to email your concern along with your name, IRD number and contact details to: [email protected] .

The team will be able to identify the appropriate business unit/leader to refer your concern to. The standard time frame for acknowledgement is 1 working day and resolution is 10 working days, however, the length of time will depend on the complexity and will be discussed with the tax agent.

Last updated: 02 Nov 2020
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