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Customer ID

This will show the IRD number, the profile number (if the client has multiple profiles), or the customer identifier of the client.

Customer name

This will show the legal name associated with the IRD number, profile number, or customer identifier of the client.

Customer sub-type

This will display the customer categorisation, such as company, partnership or individuals.

Customer class

This will show additional customer classification information, such as close company or limited partnership. For individuals, this column will be blank.

Other customer type

This will display one of the following customer indicators where relevant: look-through company, qualifying company, Maori authority, Trans-Tasman, agent non-resident insurer, non-resident contractor, non-resident contractor (not employer), consolidated group or imputation group.

Balance date

This will show the customer's current balance date, if you are linked for income tax. If you are not linked to the customer for income tax, this column will be blank.


This will show the overall customer status, based on the cease date and cease reason at the Customer level (the IRD number level).

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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