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When you use the student loan online repayment calculator, be aware that:

  • Figures produced by the calculator are estimates only and are based on the information you have provided as at today.
  • All the amounts entered are in New Zealand dollars.
  • The repayment threshold, interest rates, additional repayments and any income amount you enter remain constant for the purposes of this calculation.
  • Future changes in interest rates and government policy are not taken into account.
  • Changes in inflation are not taken into account.
  • The calculator includes an annual administration fee if your loan balance is $20 or more as at 31 March.
  • The calculation assumes that you'll meet all your repayment obligations by the due dates and have no outstanding amounts owing.
  • This calculator bases a New Zealand-based customer's obligation on their income, while an overseas-based customer's obligation is based on their loan balance.

Find out if you're considered a New Zealand-based customer or an overseas-based customer.

What happens to my student loan when I go overseas

Use the student loan online repayment calculator