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What is a private agreement?

A private agreement is when everyone agrees on a child support amount and pays it directly to each other. Often people set up regular automatic payments to make things easy.

There is no involvement from us and you do not need to tell us about it.

Is a private agreement a good option for me?

A private agreement is a good option when all of these are true:

  • you can easily agree who should pay child support
  • you can easily agree on how much should be paid
  • you can organise payments yourself
  • you can rely on payment.

Private agreements can be quick to set up and easy to change.

You cannot have a private agreement for child support if you are on Sole Parent Support or an Unsupported Child’s Benefit.

Can I switch to another type of child support agreement?

If your private agreement is not working out you can apply for a voluntary agreement or formula assessment at any time.

Tools to help

2 minutes
Liability or entitlement calculator

This suggests an amount based on care arrangements and both parents' incomes.

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5 minutes
Nights per year calculator

This calculates how many nights per year the child is in your care which can help you work out an amount.

Go to this tool