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Who is a Payment Service Provider

Payment Service Providers (PSP) are businesses that participate in an electronic payment system by facilitating payments for goods and services between customers and merchants.

These businesses include:

  • merchant acquirers
  • switch service providers
  • settlement service providers
  • online payment gateway providers
  • alternative payment method providers.

Excluded businesses

Businesses that are only involved in making payment hardware, such as EFTPOS terminals, or an issuer, such as the customer's bank that issues a payment card, are not PSPs. However, if they are in involved in supplying any of the above services, they are a PSP. 

When more than 1 PSP is a part of an electronic payment transaction, the provider that is responsible for processing funds into merchant bank accounts has the reporting obligation. The other PSPs do not have to report these transactions.

Reporting requirements for Payment Service Providers 

Collecting information from Payment Service Providers

Learn more about PSPs providing bulk datasets on our Tax Policy website.

Payment services suppliers to provide bulk datasets

Last updated: 23 Nov 2023
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