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Use your myIR logon to link to, and access, all your IRD accounts. 

You'll only be able to access another account if you have an existing relationship with it showing in myIR. It's usually there if you're a director of a company, trustee of a trust, partner in a partnership, or nominated to act on someone else’s behalf. 

Linking to an associated account only lets you see the person or entity’s myIR information. It does not mean they can see your myIR account.

Select 'more' next to 'I want to'

The ‘I want to’ panel is on the right hand side. Click on 'more' to see a list of things you can do in your myIR account. 

Select 'Manage associated accounts/parties'

You'll see this in the list after you've clicked on 'more'.

Select 'View or edit' against the account you want

To the right of one of the listed accounts you want to see in myIR, click on ‘view or edit’. 

Select what you want to see in the linked account

After clicking 'view or edit' you'll see a new screen asking for more information.

  • Under the heading that says ‘I want to’,  click on the ‘Get account access' link.
  • Select which tax products for the associated account you want to see through your myIR account. For example INC, EMP, DWT.
  • Tick the confirmation box.

 View your linked account

To view your account, go back to the home page of myIR. You'll see your new linked account listed there. Click on it to access the tax product information you've requested access to.

My responsibilities

Update your associated accounts if anything changes by sending us a web message through your myIR account.