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You can update account access and permission levels for other myIR logons in your business if you have one of the following logons:

  • owner
  • administrator
  • restricted administrator.

Go to the 'Logons' tab

Select the logon you want to update access for

Select the logon you want to update from the list. You only need to update logons that are not 'Owner' logons as these automatically have access to new accounts.

Select 'Manage access' from the 'I want to' menu

Set account access

A list of all active accounts will display where you can either grant or cancel access. Only accounts you have access to with your logon will display.

When granting access to a new account you need to choose the level of permission you'd like the logon to have. There are 4 permission levels (a description of each permission level is in myIR).

  • Full account access.
  • Make payments.
  • File.
  • Read only.

What happens next

The person with the logon you updated will be able to either access, or no longer access, the updated account(s) the next time they log in.