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We’ve heard your feedback about the alerts showing in myIR for income tax returns that are not due to be filed until 31 March of the following year, where there is an extension of time in place.

We have made a change so that these alerts will no longer show in myIR for tax agents. Bookkeepers will also not see these alerts where the client has a tax agent extension of time.

Clients will continue to see the alerts when they log into myIR.

This change only relates to returns where there is a tax agent extension of time in place. If there is an individual extension of time, the alert will still show from when the return was generated.

There will also no longer be a 10-day reminder that a return is due. However, if a return becomes overdue, an alert will show.

For a list of income tax returns to be filed - owners, administrators and restricted administrators will need to run an 'Unfiled returns' report for each client list they have access to.

Unfiled returns report

Last updated: 12 Dec 2022
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