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The Unfiled returns report is designed to help you with extension of time (EOT) management. The report provides you with a list of:

  • unfiled income tax returns
  • automatically issued assessments with requests for more information
  • clients who have had an L letter issued or D status approved and the return has not been filed.

Owners, administrators and restricted administrators can run the report for each client list they have access to. They can also share the report if they want to, by forwarding the Excel file.

We refresh the report every weekend, so the updated report is available each Monday. At the moment, the report will match your EOT statistics dashboard only on a Monday morning.

We remove access to delinked clients throughout the week. Newly linked clients will only show after we refresh the data during the weekend.

Running the Unfiled returns report

  1. Log in to myIR, go to the 'Intermediary centre'.
  2. Under My business, select 'Agency reports', then 'Unfiled returns report'.
  3. Select relevant client list from drop down list.
  4. Select the relevant filing period from the dropdown list.
  5. Select 'Run report'.
  6. Select 'Export' to export the report to Excel.

The periods available in the drop-down list will cover 2 financial years. They will change each year on 1 May, matching with the date the Client list report switches to the next financial year.  If you are looking for older outstanding income tax returns or other types of returns, the client list report will show the number of outstanding returns by tax type.

Understanding the results

There are 3 separate tabs in the Unfiled returns report, making it easier to reconcile the results with your EOT dashboard.

The report does not include results for filed returns or finalised automatically issued assessments. It does contain the date and time the report was generated and when the backend data was refreshed. This makes it easier to see how up-to-date the results are.

We'll lock the EOT dashboard results in April each year to finalise the end-of-year result. The report will still be available and it will still update and retrieve the unfiled returns for the last period, but it will not match the locked dashboard results.

Unfiled EOT dashboard returns

This shows all unfiled returns that are in your EOT dashboard. Clients’ returns without an EOT are included, so you can see if they still need to be filed. You can filter this data to only see the returns impacting your performance percentage.

Unfiled L letter and D status returns

This shows all income tax returns for the tax period that have an EOT status of L letter or D status, that have not been filed. It also shows the granted deferred date for D status returns.

Auto-issued assessments with requests for more information

This shows all the automatically issued income tax assessments needing reviewing, amending, or finalising without changes being made.

Date assessments will issue if no action column

This column shows the date we'll finalise the assessment using information we hold, and issue a new income tax assessment notice. Tax agents linked to the client at the time the assessment was generated, where the client has an EOT, have until 31 March to finalise the assessment. If they were not linked or the client does not have an EOT, they have 45 days from date-of-issue to complete any required changes.

Last updated: 08 Jul 2021
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