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End of year filing percentage letters have now been issued. Congratulations to those who achieved 100%.

Due to recent weather events we delayed any follow up actions where the return wasn’t filed by 31 March. However, the due date for income tax returns did not change, and the date for the calculation of filing percentages remained as 31 March 2023. From 1 June, if your filing percentage is below 90% your account manager may contact you.

From 1 May 2023, the income tax section of the client list report, unfiled returns report and EOT dashboard will display 2023 filing year details. This means you will no longer have access to the 2022 filing year information.

  • Client list report – Before 1 May tax agents may want to export and save a copy of their 2022 client list report.
  • EOT dashboard – you can still check your 2022 return filing statistics by changing the date in the drop down in EOT display for each client list.
  • Unfiled returns report – the periods available in the drop-down list will cover 2 financial years. When the client list report switches to the next financial year a tax agent can still view 2022 outstanding returns. Tax agents may want to export and save a copy of the 31 March 2022 return information before 1 May 2023 if they still have any of these returns outstanding.
Last updated: 17 Apr 2023
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