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Now that donation tax credits claims are able to be entered online, the whole process is quicker and smoother. You can start a claim form during the year. This means you can upload receipts as donations are made, instead of waiting to submit everything at the end of the tax year.

As receipts are uploaded, our system runs automatic checks, to make sure the:

  • details on the receipt match the information that has been entered
  • organisation is an approved donee organisation
  • receipt has not already been claimed for
  • receipt has no alterations to the donor name, date or amount.

There are limits on the amount that can be claimed so at the end of the tax year, we’ll also run some checks to compare the amounts claimed with your end of year income.

With these checks in place, when you submit a claim at the end of the tax year it processes faster, which means you get your refund quicker. If something needs to be looked into, the return will stop processing and our staff will check the claim and contact you.

Our new system for donation claims also means we can identify incorrect claims easier. Last year we prevented payment of around 6% of claims as being ineligible for various reasons.

Last updated: 20 Jul 2023
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