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Everyone has different ideas about how much tax they should pay, and how the government should spend it. Through the election process, New Zealand citizens get to vote on these matters. It’s important everyone pays the tax they’re legally required to. The revenue collected from taxes pays for safety and emergency services, education, healthcare, the justice system, and many other things that make New Zealand an amazing place to live.

Most people and businesses in New Zealand pay the required amount of tax. Whenever compliance with tax laws is compared across countries, New Zealand comes out very well.

New Zealanders have a great attitude towards tax

  • 90% of New Zealanders believe paying the correct amount of tax is the right thing to do.
  • 70% believe that if they’re trying to get it right, Inland Revenue will help them.
  • 80% believe that we’ll find those who are trying to avoid paying the right amount.

We (Inland Revenue) try to behave in a way that encourages these attitudes, by treating you with respect, being helpful when you’re trying to meet your obligations, and informing you about what we’re doing to catch those who are trying to avoid their obligations.