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Inland Revenue's Open Data

Inland Revenue is committed to delivering the benefits of Open Data by proactively making its data freely available to the public where appropriate, having regard to its legislative and administrative obligations.

Inland Revenue's Open Data strategy sets out our plan to support the Open Data Charter and will be reviewed annually to ensure that it is fulfilling that purpose.

Our Open Data has the potential to contribute to:

  • improved outcomes for vulnerable populations
  • faster policy changes
  • enable working collaboratively with external parties
  • promoting intelligence-led decision-making
  • innovation.

We have developed an Open Data Roadmap that outlines 6 focus areas on Open Data. These include: Raising Awareness, Data Identification, Data Integrity, Data Access, Data Availability, and Data Review. We are well underway on progressing this work.

How you can help

  • Email the Open Data team if you know of any additional data related to Inland Revenue that is not currently catalogued.
  • Share this post with others who you think could contribute.


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