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Appropriation statement for the year ended 30 June 2022
Actual 2021 ($000) Vote: Revenue Actual 2022 ($000) Unaudited revised budget 2022 ($000) Unaudited forecast 2023 ($000)
$32,623 Capital injections $122,560 $122,560 $2,700
n/a Capital withdrawal $(119,200) $(119,200) n/a
$32,623 Net capital injections and withdrawals $3,360 $3,360 $2,700

Inland Revenue has not received any capital injections during the year without, or in excess of, authority (2020-21: nil).

The capital injection of $122.560 million in 2021-22 was the final capital injection for the last stage of the transformation programme, including programme contingency funding. The capital withdrawal of $119.200 million reflects the return to the Crown of unused contingency funding at the closure of the programme.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2022
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