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The approach we take is to focus on collecting revenue, and ensuring New Zealanders get the social policy payments they’re entitled to, with less effort by us and customers.

You can read about the work we’ve done this year that made the biggest difference to customers in the following sections.

We design the tax and social policy system with compliance in mind 

In the table below, the left side shows how we design tax policy, systems, processes and guidance that help about a majority of our customers get their obligations right. 

We use analytical tools to help ensure people get things right 

The centre shows that we use tools and intelligence capabilities to act in real time, and identify and assist customers who need more help to comply with their obligations. 

We step in when people get things wrong 

The right side shows the approaches we can use with the very few customers who need more help to get things right or more of our attention because they deliberately try to avoid their obligations.

Compliance by design Facilitating compliance Interventions for those who do not get it right
Most people get it right. Right from the start. Errors and deliberate non-compliance.
  • Policy and legislation.
  • Systems and process design.
  • Guidance and education.
Analytics and intelligence:
  • Check and verify
  • System analytics and human intelligence.
Targeted campaigns and interventions:
  • Advice
  • Assistance
  • Collections
  • Litigations
  • Disputes
  • Reviews and investigations.

Upstream activities and downstream activities

  • Acting in real time and upfront
  • Making it easy to comply and difficult not to
  • Focusing on end-to-end processes from a customer viewpoint
  • Actively involving and engaging customers and other stakeholders.
Last updated: 18 Dec 2023
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