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Goal 1: Inclusive Workplace
We will create a safe and open working environment where all our people feel able to grow and do their best work without fear of embarrassment or retaliation
Focus area Activities Milestones


Provide opportunities for our people to increase their knowledge of diverse communities and improve overall cultural capability and awareness of bias.



    • Share informal learning through for example: language weeks, sharing with others through communication, Viva Engage posts etc.
    • Review Mana Aki (Current Cultural capability learning) and establish fit for purpose learning solutions to support an increased focus on Cultural Capability.
    • Provide opportunities for our leaders and people to increase their awareness and understanding of maintaining good mental health and wellbeing, as well as the factors at work that can influence mental health and how to manage these.
    • Review unconscious bias offerings and consider the provision of tools and learning resources for both formal and informal learning.
    • Design and deliver Te Arapiki – te ao Māori capability learning

Q1 2024

Updated unconscious bias learning

Q2 2024

Look to deliver a wellbeing platform for all staff that offers learning modules as well as general resources and tools.

Q4 2023

RFP for Te Arapiki closed and provider determined.



Flexible working

Reinforce our approach to flexible working through ongoing communication and discussion about what’s working and what opportunities there are, as well as continuing to remove barriers to flexible working.

  • Ongoing communication to reinforce the intention of the policy and approach.
  • Create workspaces that support different ways of working, connection and collaboration and evolution of location flexibility.
  • Consider review of policy and guidelines to reflect our evolving way of working, the benefits and importance of connection

Q2 2024

Review and update policy and language

People networks

Support our people networks to continue to grow, thrive and be voices for their communities.

Leverage their knowledge and experience as key stakeholders in improving our people practices and gain insight on important issues.


  • A communications approach that enables network activities and events to be shared across IR.
  • Amplify the voice of our people networks in people processes and initiatives to help gather and understand diverse perspectives.
  • On-going support for network leads in terms of creating plans and connecting to the wider outcomes for diversity and inclusion and how they contribute to this.
  • Networks support and promote opportunities and program for their members.
  • New starters are introduced to the people led networks as part of their induction.

Q4 2023

People Network induction videos are finalised and shared via Induction

Q2 2024

People Network plans are finalised

Last updated: 09 Jan 2024
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