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So that New Zealanders continue to provide us with accurate information, pay their taxes, and claim only what they are entitled to, it’s important they believe:

  • When I pay my tax, I’m doing a good thing (and that’s what people like me do).
  • When I’m trying to do the right things, Inland Revenue will help me.
  • When someone else is trying to do the wrong thing, Inland Revenue will find them.

We protect the integrity of the revenue system by helping customers get things right as well as correcting them when they get it wrong. We:

  • Make it easy to pay the right amounts on time and to receive the right payments and difficult not to.
  • Fix problems when they happen so that customers understand where they have gone wrong and know what to do next time.
  • Make tax and payments part of business processes or life events where possible.

To do this we look at everything from policy settings, the design of products and services, the advice and education we provide, through to how and when we enforce the law.

There is a range of ways we can respond when things go wrong, from educating customers new to the system through to investigating and taking people to court where necessary.

Last updated: 25 Nov 2021
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