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Student loan tips from across the ditch More information


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The video’s title, Student loan tips from across the ditch, is displayed.

Four young people then share their student loan tips from the Sydney waterfront.

The video ends with the following information displayed:

  • See how you can pay off your student loan sooner.
  • Visit



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Narrator - Person 1

It was definitely out, out of sight, out of mind paying off my student loan.

Uh… I went travelling, didn’t think about it, popped in my head a few times, but I was like I’ll worry about it when I get home.

Narrator - Person 2

When I first left New Zealand and took the repayment holiday, I didn’t know about the free um… online transfer payments.

Narrator - Person 3

Being able to go on the myIR site, uh… and they’ve got the current balance of your loan, how many repayments I’ve made, and see how far I’ve got left to go.

Narrator - Person 4

Definitely get a, myIR account, because that way you can keep your details up to date, and keep informed about how much you owe.

Narrator - Person 1

It was, really good dealing with, Inland Revenue when I called them.

They were really friendly, so helpful, they didn’t make me feel guilty for not paying any of my student loan.

Narrator - Person 2

I find it really useful that they’re able to contact me and I’m able to contact them so easily, because when I have a problem, especially when it’s about money it can be quite stressful.

Um… and I’ve found that every time I’ve had an issue they’ve been able to deal with it really smoothly.

Narrator - Person 4

My advice, in hindsight, would definitely be, to pay off, your student loan if you can in regular instalments.

Just a little bit monthly, really helps towards those end-of-year compulsory repayments.

Narrator - Person 1

When I’ve paid off my student loan, I’m gonna start saving for a house, or another big trip, that’d be really good.

Narrator - Person 3

Might uh… might go on a few extra surf trips, go up to Indo, enjoy myself a bit more you know.

Narrator - Person 4

I think there would definitely be a celebration once I pay off my student loan, and then I’ll look forward to seeing that money go into my savings.

Last updated: 11 Aug 2020
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