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Child support Turuki Tamariki

Managing your own child support

Find out how to manage your child support, estimate your income, make changes and tell us if your circumstances change.

Manage your child support

Find out about child support agreements, myIR Secure Online Services, what to do when your income changes and what you can do when you don't agree with a child support decision.

Estimating your income for child support

Find out about when and how you can estimate your income, changing your income estimate, estimating your income when you live overseas and what happens at the end of the year when your actual income is confirmed.

Managing child support debt

Find out what happens if you get behind in your payments, how to avoid debt and penalties, ways we can collect debt and payment arrangements.

Tell us when your circumstances changes

Find out about what you need to do if your circumstances change and how you can tell us about this.

You're better off talking about your child support

If you don't keep up with your child support, penalties can start to add up. But talk to us and you'll find that everything gets easier from there - we might even be able to reduce the total you owe.