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Elect into the loss carry-back scheme

Where on your return to claim loss carry-back
You can do this in the ‘I want to’ section of your income tax account in myIR by selecting “Opt-in to carry-back loss”.

When asked which period you want to carry the loss back to select “2019” and then select “next”.

Review your details and submit and confirm your information is correct.

Claim loss carry-back in your return

You will need to claim the loss carry-back in your 2019 return when you file it, or by amending your return if you have already filed.

In myIR choose amendment reason “loss carryback”.

Select income type “you are claiming net losses brought forward”.

Enter the carry-back loss in the “Net losses claimed this year” field or "Net losses brought forward" if you are filing an IR8, IR9 or IR44.

2020 loss year return

You will also need to adjust for the loss carried back when you file your 2020 return (the year the loss was made).

In myIR enter the loss in the “Other Income” field of your 2020 income tax return.

If you are part of a group you are also required to provide your group information. You can download the template, fill in your details and send the template back to us as a secure message in myIR.

Loss carry-back group information template