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The notifications service delivers event notifications to software platforms. 

How the notifications service works

The notifications service delivers read-only notifications to software platforms, with the necessary data to describe the underlying event. The receiver of the notification will decide if further information and/or action is needed to respond to the notification.

There are 5 general categories of notification.

  • Event notifications - notification about significant events that have occurred.
  • Reminders - reminder of future events.
  • Request for information - requests from us for information, typically the uploading of a document of a specific type.
  • Errors - something that is not correct.
  • Action required - something that needs to be done.

Sub-categories work out if the notification is relevant to the calling party.

Software developer kit (SDK)

View and download the notifications service software developer kit to help you integrate:

  • the Open API YAML file
  • the build pack that provides the data definitions for the request and response messages and the digital notification catalogue
  • sample request and response messages
  • test scenarios
  • test data.

Notifications service software developer kit (SDK) on GitHub

Use the Getting started guide to find out how to access our sandbox (mock services) and test environments.

Getting started guide

Gateway service capability for the notifications service

The notifications service provides the following capability through a defined service operation.

Service operation Description
Read Retrieve a read-only notification from Inland Revenue.

Notifications service business use cases

The following are examples of business use cases that can be used to achieve a specific business outcome by retrieving and actioning notifications.

Notifications - GWS business use cases

Notifications table

Supporting services

Identity and access services

Software intermediation service

Intermediation service  

Document service

Last updated: 31 May 2024
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