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When payday filing through the myIR file upload service, employers must upload to us from their software:

  • employee information each pay cycle
  • details for new and departing employees. 

For more details on how to file

File employment information with file upload

Payday filing business use cases  

The following are examples of sequences of the myIR file upload service operations that could be used to achieve a specific business outcome.


  • Employee details:  Dep = Departing
  • The numbers for each use case are the order in which these operations should be called when using these services.
Use case Employee details Employment information
New Amend Dep File Amend
1. First time employee - file employee details (including KiwiSaver enrolment), file employment information 1
2. New employee (existing KiwiSaver member) - file employee details, file employment information 1 2
3. Existing employee - file employment information on payday or within 2 days of payday 1 2
4. Existing employee - (opt out of KiwiSaver) file employee details, file employment information 1 2
5. Existing employee - amend previously filed employment information

6. Departing employee - file employee details, file employment information 1 2

Payday filing software development kits (SDKs) for myIR file upload services

View and download the latest payday filing SDK, and archived versions from past years:

  • payday filing specifications for employee details (CSV and Excel formats), employment information, employment information amendments (all CSV format)
  • casebook for employment information scenarios and examples
  • Excel template for employee details
  • sample files for employee details, employment information and employment information amendments.

Payday filing software developer kits (SDK) on GitHub

Find out more about the calculations and business rules that support payday filing.

Payroll calculations and business rules

Express file transfer service

The express file transfer service in myIR provides a place to drop all payday related files. This includes all versions of EI and ED.  The service allows zip files to be uploaded as long as all the files in the zip are employer related that meet our specifications.

The following employer files are supported:

  • File transfer Payday schedules: Upload multiple payday employment information schedules.
  • File transfer Payday amendments: Upload amendments to multiple payday employment information schedules.
  • File transfer employee details: Upload new and departing employee details
  • Upload KiwiSaver file: Upload a KiwiSaver file to enrol multiple employees in KiwiSaver at the same time.
  • Upload compressed zip file: For this account upload one or more Non-payday or KiwiSaver files.
  • File transfer employer schedules: File transfer employer monthly schedules for multiple filing periods (IR348).
  • File transfer EMS amendments: Upload amendments to multiple employer monthly schedules (IR348).
  • File transfer employer deductions: Upload multiple employer deductions forms (IR345).

There is no test a file service for express file transfer. Individual files can be tested using the appropriate individual test a file service. The express file transfer service evaluates the files in the zip using the same validation as the individual test a file services, which can be found in the file specifications.

For more details on how to file

File employment information with express file transfer

Multi-Payment Option (MPO)

The Multi-Payment Option (MPO) account at Inland Revenue allows tax preparers to submit a single payment that must be posted against multiple customers’ accounts.

The detailed specifications for MPO filing

Testing and support for file upload services

We provide support for development and testing of the payday filing myIR file upload services.

Please register your organisation in our developer portal to access support and to keep up to date with the latest release. Once registered you request access to our Test a file services.

Register for the developer portal

Alternatively, if you do not need support you can submit files to us to validate their compatibility with our payday filing specification. 

Select a file type to test:

Release 2021 tax year onwards

Employee details (CSV format)

Employee details (Excel format)

Employment information (CSV format)

Employment information amendment (CSV format)

Release 2020 tax year 

Employment information amendment (CSV format) R 2020

Payroll amendments - Pre-release 2020 tax year

Multi-payment option (MPO) for schedular payments 

Employer deduction schedule (EDS) for payroll intermediaries

Amend employer schedules

Payroll intermediary subsidy claim form (SCF)

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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