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Our information disclosure policy for end user information
Digital service providers

We work with digital service providers whose design solutions make it easy for end users to meet their tax obligations and receive their social policy entitlements. Any other purpose that is not tax or social policy related will not meet the requirements to consume gateway services.

We’re required to keep all information about end users confidential and only disclose information to a third party where there is a permitted disclosure under the Tax Administration Act. There are a number of permitted disclosures which allow us to disclose information to:

  • The payroll sector (who are legally required to report and collect deductions from employee’s salaries to IR, and must provide accurate data).
  • The financial services sector (who are required to report and collect tax on their investor’s investment income to IR, and must provide accurate data).
  • Tax agents (who have privileged access under the Tax Administration Act).
  • KiwiSaver Scheme providers (who have privileged access under the KiwiSaver Act).

We'll contact you to discuss how your software achieves these functions before we start any gateway services integration.